Erieau Marsh Recreational Trail in winter

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 Trails of the Year

Paved urban pathways play an important role throughout the year, connecting neighbourhoods in Chatham-Kent. From the Lark Park and Rotary Sunrise trails in Chatham to the Boulevard Trail in Erieau, these pathways allow residents to travel, exercise, and play while avoiding high traffic areas.

A paved recreational pathway differs from a sidewalk in both appearance and use. The asphalt (or less commonly, concrete) surface of these trails makes them suitable for cyclists, roller-bladers, and pedestrians, as well as for individuals who require mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs. They are also popular with those looking to get active – it is common to see runners on these trails at any hour of the day! A number of paved pathways are located in parks and greenspaces, so they also offer a valuable escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

These pathways are often taken for granted, but they deserve greater appreciation. Next time you are walking along one of these pathways, spend a moment to think about the role it plays in your community!

Please visit Thats Living CK to see highlights from WalkCK and the Mitchells Bay Trail.

These two trails were built in 2016:

  • Parry Landing, Chatham- This granular trail leads you through a tall grass prairie, down to the Thames River.
  • Rotary Eco Trail, Chatham- This trail is a well used, established trail in North Chatham. In the fall of 2016 the bridge connecting the North and South bush was installed and the North trail was constructed in December 2016.
Trails built in 2017:

  • Mitchell Drive- Paw Paw Woods Connector to Wallace St. Trail
  • Lambton Kent Composite School Trail- At 964m long, the trail starts at the George St. bridge in Dresden, that extends through the school property, to the Be-Fit Equipment and Track behind the school.
  • The Rotary Eco Trail has had the south side reconstructed and two wooden sculptures have been placed, one in Thornhill Park and the other in Midwood Oxley Park.  
  • Shrewsbury Recreational Trail has been built at the Shrewsbury & Raglan Community Centre, wrapping around the outside of the property at 495m long. and 2.4m wide. 

Trails that will begin construction in 2018:

  • CASO Trail, Ridgetown-  The construction a granular Recreational Trail along the former Canada Southern Railway (CASO) Line. The Trail will extend from Kent Bridge Road east to Erie Street in Ridgetown. All trail construction activity will occur within Entegrus' Canada Southern Railway (CASO) corridor- as close to the centre line as possible. Vehicular access control gates will be installed at all trail entry points. These gates will restrict access to pedestrians, cyclists and service vehicles- providing abutting landowners with greater security. 

Please note: The Municipality of Chatham-Kent does not maintain paved pathways in the winter months. Use at your own risk.

Urban paved pathway in winter