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Playground Equipment Safety Tips

Parents please remember to:

  • Supervise children on the playground.
  • Remove cords and drawstrings on children’s hoods, hats and jackets.
  • Tuck in all clothing
  • Wear a neck warmer instead of a scarf.
  • Make sure your child does not tie ropes to slides and other playground equipment.
  • Have your child remove their bicycle helmet before using playground equipment.
  • Check the playground equipment prior to your child using it.
  • Please do not smoke - our children play in our playgrounds (9 meters from any playground equipment) By-law #137-2014

Please report equipment in need of maintenance by calling 519.360.1998 immediately.

Prevent injury by encouraging children to play safely:

  • Wait their turn
  • Sit down on swings
  • Go down slides feet first
  • Hold onto handgrips and railings

For playground locations and details of the parks, use the RecConnect link at the top right of this page.