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Do you enjoy helping others? Challenges? Then you’re a perfect candidate for any of our leadership programs. We can help you plan your course so that you can take any pre-requisite courses that you need.

If you’re considering a career in recreation, teaching, health or medical studies, or as a first responder, you’ll learn valuable skills to help you in your future career.

Course Schedule

Please contact Recreation Services for a course schedule at 519.360.1998.

Become A Lifeguard

It's a great job as a student, looks even better on a resume, and can travel with you anywhere in Canada. Here are the required courses to become a lifeguard:

  1. Bronze Medallion
    Age 13+ or Bronze Star

  2. Bronze Cross
    Bronze Medallion, Emergency First Aid

  3. National Lifeguard
    Ages 16+, Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid

Become A Swim Instructor

Similar to lifeguards, once you become a Red Cross instructor, you can teach Red Cross swimming lessons anywhere in Canada.

  1. Red Cross Water Safety Instructor
    Age 15+, Ability to perform Red Cross Swim Kids 10 strokes and skills, Red Cross Emergency/Standard First Aid

  2. Lifesaving Society Lifesaving Instructor
    Age 16+, Bronze Cross.
    Call 519.360.1998 for information on upcoming instructor courses.

Where can you take the required courses?

Spring Courses
Summer Courses
Blenheim Gable Rees Rotary Pool
Call 519.676.4544 for upcoming courses
Wallaceburg Sydenham Pool
Call 519.627.1616 for upcoming courses

Red Cross First Aid and CPR

Knowing what to do in an emergency will give you confidence to handle any situation. Whether you're a babysitter, job seeker or responsible citizen, you can learn how to recognize and respond to situations with the Red Cross first aid courses.

  • Red Cross Standard First Aid

  • Red Cross Emergency First Aid

Check our job postings

Find current job opportunities on the Municipal Job Board at

For Aquatics, you can submit your application to our job registry for part-time casual and call-in Lifeguard positions. Search under the Municipal Jobs Board page for more details on how to apply to the job registry.