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Integrated Planning and Reporting Process

To better align strategic planning with operations, administration introduced the concept of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Cycle (IPRC).

Council approved the Integrated Planning and Reporting Cycle in 2015.  It is the manner in which we align the community strategic plan's "Areas of Strategic Focus" and goals with municipal resource allocation, performance management and continuous improvement.

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Cycle involves:    

Business Planning which involves the development of action plans through the business planning process, outlining our goals, plans to reach those goals and the setting of performance targets to measure performance

Resource Allocation which involves the allocation of resources to the action plans, (e.g. budget process), in a manner that supports our aspirations with efficient long term cost management.

Performance Reporting which will involve reviewing performance metrics and reporting on progress on those action plans (reporting on progress of the action plans will occur every six months)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every “new” Council will be able to identify their “Focus” on CK Plan 2035 for their term of Council (i.e. healthy eating, increase tree canopy)

To Learn More about the Components of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Cycle, click on one of the graphics below:


Results - Municipal Performance Measures - How CK compares to other municipalities




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