CK Public Health requires by provincial law, if food and drink will be served at your event, you must notify CK Public Health. As the event organizer, you must check the "food" box, fill out the appropriate forms and return the forms with the special event package a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.

The Food Organizer and the Food Vendor Forms MUST be returned to the Event Organizer to be circulated with the Special Event Package, please do not send these forms directly to Public Health. 

Food Organizer Information

The Food Organizer Notification Form as the event organizer, it is your responsibility to:

Provide each food vendor with a copy of the Special Event Food Guidelines and the Special Event Food Vendor Application Form a minimum of 30 days before the vendor attends the event.

  • Arrange for sanitary disposal of liquid waste.
  • Notify CK Public Health of any significant changes to the original organizer application.
  • Arrange for proper sanitary disposal of garbage and provide leak-proof garbage containers with lids.
  • Coordinate backup plans with food vendors in the event of a power failure or water shortage.
  • Arrange for sanitary disposal of liquid waste.
  • Provide a potable water supply to vendors (water that is safe to consume and free from bacteria).
  • Provide an adequate number of sanitary facilities and maintain them in a functioning and sanitary manner throughout the event.
  • Use only food-grade hoses.

Food Vendor Information 

The Special Event Organizer will have each food vendor complete and return the Special Event Food Vendor Application Form. This form is to be distributed by the Event Organizer to each food vendor. The Food Vendor Application Forms are to be completed and returned with the Special Event Package by at least 30 days before the event.

All participating food vendors must review CK Public Health's Special Event Food Vendor Guidelines. This document is available from the Special Events Coordinator, any Municipal Customer Service Representative and online. It is mandatory for each food vendor to have at least one certified food handler on-site during operation. Information about the Food Handler Classes can be found on the CK Public Health website

A Public Health Inspector may be in contact with you to review and/or inspect your event.

The Municipality recommends that as the Event Organizer, you request proper insurance coverage from each of your participating food vendors.