High-hazard fireworks for recreation must be approved and fall within our Municipal Fireworks By-Law. These are high-hazard fireworks for recreation and include, but are not limited to: firecrackers, rockets, serpents, shells, bombshells, tourbillions, maroons, large wheels, bouquets, barrages, bombards, waterfalls, fountains, batteries, illuminations, set pieces and pigeons.


  • Secure both a distributor who sells fireworks and a Supervisor / Technician who is authorized to discharge fireworks (an individual who holds a fireworks card from Natural Resources Canada). The Chatham-Kent Fire Department is the sole authority to approve the discharging and sale of fireworks.
  • Provide your distributor and/or technician with: Display Firework Application Form. 
  • Obtain a federal application form from the distributor. The distributor will need a copy of the Technician or Supervisor's qualifications.
  • Adhere to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent By-Law # 44-2005, and amend By-Law #140-2005.
  • Obtain a certificate of insurance for five (5) million dollars, in which the Municipality of Chatham-Kent is named as additionally insured. 

The Process: 

  1. Apply through the Special Event Application Form, select the Fireworks box and obtain the Consent for Fireworks Application Form and the Display Fireworks Application Form.
  2. The Special Event Coordinator will obtain consent from the Area Supervisor. Once this form is approved then it can be coupled with the Display Fireworks Form to be submitted to the Fire Department. 
  3. Payment for the Display Fireworks Application Form must be added to the Special Event Rental Permit for the event's location. A partial payment may be made and must be presented to the Fire Department as proof of payment for the application prior to approval. 
  4. An insurance certificate for 5 million is required to be included with the special event application package, naming the Municipality as additionally insured. 
  5. All fireworks documentation must be added to the Special Event Application for final approval for Fireworks on Municipal Property. 
    1. Fireworks Consent Letter
    2. Display Fireworks Application
    3. Perfect Mind Rental Permit- proof of payment
    4. Certificate of Insurance
    5. Map of the site
    6. The Pyro Technicians License
    7. The Firework Manifest

The Event Organizer must be aware:

  • The use of fireworks is not allowed in or on streets, lanes or other public places.
  • Fully operational fire extinguishing equipment is to be provided and maintained at all times.
  • A large display of fireworks may require a Pumper Crew on-site during discharging. If there is a cost, the Event Organizer will be charged.

Municipality of Chatham-Kent By-law # 56-2016

Discharging of Consumer Fireworks and the igniting and setting off of Consumer Fireworks as set out in the provisions of this By-law, is hereby prohibited except on:

  1. Victoria Day and the three days immediately preceding and following Victoria Day
  2. Canada Day and the three days immediately preceding and following Canada Day
  3. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day
  4. Such day as is proclaimed by Council for the Municipality as suitable for celebration with Firework