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Council Meeting - April 12, 2021

Council Meeting - Electronic Agenda
Monday, April 12, 2021, 6:00 pm
Electronic Meeting 

A live stream of the electronic Council Meeting will be available at:

1. Call to Order

2. Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest (Direct or Indirect) for Closed Session Agenda Items and the General Nature There Of

3. Supplementary Closed Session Agenda Items

4. Recess to Closed Session – 4:00 pm

Councillor Carmen McGregor, Closed Session Chair

That Council moved into a Closed Session Meeting of Council pursuant to Section 239 of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, for the following reasons:

  • Potential litigation and advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose with regard to Wind Farm Road Use Agreement. Section 239(2)(e) & (f), Municipal Act, 2001.
  • Personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees re CAO Performance Review. Section 239(2)(b), Municipal Act, 2001.

5. Adjournment of Closed Session

6. Resumption of Electronic Open Council Meeting – 6:00 pm

As per By-law 113-2020 – An "Electronic Meeting" is defined as any regular or special meeting of Council that utilizes remote electronic access for the Members as per Bill 197, the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act to allow for the continuation of remote Council, Committee, Board and Commission meetings outside of a declared provincial or municipal emergency.

7. Land Acknowledgement

8. Approval of Supplementary Agenda

9. Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest (Direct or Indirect) for Open Session Agenda Items and the General Nature There Of

10. Presentation

(a) Presentation by Girish Sankar, Director of Water Resources, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority re Operating Criteria of McKeough Dam

11. Deputations – items on current agenda

As per By-law 113-2020: 3.10(g) -- Unless otherwise approved by the Chair, an Electronic Meeting shall not permit public deputations, except by way of electronic submission received in advance of the meeting, which shall be submitted to the Municipal Clerk's office at prior to 3:00 p.m. the day of the meeting, and shall be provided to members in advance of the meeting if possible. The Clerk shall verbally read out the written deputation at the beginning of the meeting;

12. Consent Agenda

As per By-law 113-2020: 3.10(h) - The agenda shall be modified to allow for all items on the agenda to be voted upon at once, except for Planning Act matters and any others as determined by the Clerk. The Clerk shall first ask if any Member wishes to have any item on the agenda voted upon separately in which instance that item shall be voted upon separately;

13. Council Meeting Minutes

(a) Council Meeting Minutes from its meeting held on March 22, 2021

14. Committee Reports

(a) Library Board minutes from its meeting held on February 23, 2021

(b) Blenheim Landfill Liaison Committee minutes from its meeting held on March 9, 2021

(c) Ridge Landfill Liaison Committee minutes from its meeting held on March 9, 2021

15. Information Reports

(a) Starter Company Plus Program – Successful Applicants

(b) Municipal Digital Transformation Grant Program Update

(c) Taxes and Assessment Adjusted to December 31, 2020

(d) Ontario's Vision for Social Assistance Transformation

(e) 2020 Annual Investment Report

16. Tender Awards

(a) Single Source Tender Award, Contract T21-102A Fibre Reinforced Surface Treatment

(b) Single Source Tender Award, Contract T21-102 Surface Treatment

(c) Tender Award – T21-103 Supply and Place Gravel

17. Chief Administrative Office

(a) Together CK Grant – 2021 Funding Recommendations

(b) Motion by Councillor Kirkwood-Whyte re Support for News Media

18. Fire and Emergency Services

(a) Fire Safety Grant Funding

19. Community Development

(a) Application for Deeming By-law PL202100068 – Thompson's Orchards Ltd. and Donald & Janet Thompson 8826 Talbot Trail, Community of Harwich (South Kent)

20. Corporate Services

(a) Renaming of the Wheatley Soccer Field to Michael Laliberte Memorial Soccer Field

(b) Amending Appointment By-law

21. Infrastructure and Engineering Services

(a) 2021 Arena Capital Asset Lifecycle Projects

(b) 2021 Halls Lifecycle Projects

(c) 2021 Indoor Pool Lifecycle Projects

(d) 2021 Outdoor Pool Lifecycle Projects

(e) 2021 Parks Asset Lifecycle Projects

(f) 2021 Splash Pad Lifecycle Projects

(g) 2021 Playground Lifecycle Projects

(h) 2021 Trails, Active Transportation and CASO Trail Lifecycle Projects

(i) 2021 Cemetery Lifecycle Projects

22.  Finance, Budget, Information Technology & Transformation

(a) COVID-19 Waiving of Late Payment Charges for Small Businesses

23. Notices of Motion

(a) Presentation of new Notices of Motion

24. Closed Session Reports

25. Approval of Communication Items

(a) Approval of April 12, 2021, Council Information Package

26. Non-Agenda Business

27. Reading of By-law

(a) First Reading

(b) Second Reading

(c) Council to go into Committee, if Required, to Discuss By-law

(d) Resumption of Council

(e) Third and Final Reading

i. By-law to deem certain parts of a Registered Plan not to be registered (Thompson Orchards Ltd. and Donald & Janet Thompson) (CityView #PL202100068)

ii. By-law to amend By-law 17-2020, to provide staff appointment of Deputy Division Registrar and Deputy Issuer of Marriage Licences for the Corporation of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent

iii. By-law to confirm proceedings of the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent at its meeting held on the 12th day of April 2021

28. Resolution Council in Closed Session & Adjournment

That Chatham-Kent Council adjourn to its next Meeting to be held on Monday, April 19, 2021, and that Chatham-Kent Council authorize itself to meet in closed session on that day to discuss any matters permitted by The Municipal Act.