Wheatley update December 30

Venting System Ready in Wheatley

Officials on scene in Wheatley have completed preparations to safely vent gas in anticipation of another gas release. Based on history, a release is expected within the next few days.

The pattern of a gas build-up and release has taken place between 38 and 47 days since gas was first discovered in the downtown area June 2.

A flame may be visible to nearby residents during the release.

A second well was recently confirmed during excavation efforts and experts on site have been able to connect the well to a test separator.

The test separator will divert any water from the well to a holding tank for safe disposal and send any gasses to a temporary venting stack with the capability to flare. The test separator will also allow for sampling and data recording during a gas release which will provide valuable data to the team.

Petroleum Inspectors from the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry (NDMNRF) have been on site to collect information.

Fire and Emergency Service and security personnel will continue to be present at the site.

Resident visits and building winterization will resume when it is appropriate to do so.