Wheatley Work to Begin Tomorrow

An oil and gas drilling contractor is anticipated to begin re-drilling the Tait Well, located in the APEC 2 area tomorrow morning.

Residents in the areas adjacent to the evacuation zone may hear and see things that are unfamiliar to them but are perfectly normal for an oil and gas drilling operation.

Residents can expect to see a variety of large equipment onsite including a drilling rig, storage tanks and a flare stack. Workers will be wearing a variety of personal protective equipment including at times breathing apparatus to prevent exposure to any harmful gases. During several phases of the work, the drill rig will be using a series of air horn blasts to communicate information to workers. Controlled gas releases through the flare stack are to be anticipated. During drilling, if gas is encountered the flare stack will ignite to protect workers on-site and the community. It is possible that residents may notice odours in the air similar to previous gas releases that have occurred on site.

Safety is the top priority for the community and for the workers on-site. Air monitoring is being conducted 24/7 in and around the municipal parking lot, on the perimeter of the evacuation zone and on mobile units. Residents must stay outside of the evacuation zone at all times for their safety.

Municipal employees and the Fire Department will be visiting adjacent properties to answer any questions from residents. Anyone can call 3-1-1 to get updates or answers to any questions. Updates will be provided as the work progresses.