Wheatley Update June 30: Awaiting Additional Equipment

Work crews are awaiting additional equipment to continue coring the APEC 1 well nearest the site of last year’s explosion. Work on the well had started this week.

The intent of this work is to learn more about the construction and depth of this well. No gas has been detected throughout the process.

Work has been paused until additional equipment arrives on site. The equipment is expected to be on site Monday.

Once the investigation is complete the activities will switch over to remediation on APEC 1.

A total of 58 properties, being residential or commercial have been affected by the reductions of the evacuation area.  Each of those properties was deemed unsafe by Building Development Services and orders prohibiting use or occupancy were issued.

To date, orders on 15 residential and 6 commercial properties have been rescinded which allows those property owners to move back into their homes or open their businesses.

Of the 34 homeowners who were evacuated after the explosion, 10 homeowners, have returned home with another expected shortly.