Wheatley Update - June 19

Yesterday we communicated that we hoped to be in a position as early as noon on Saturday, June 19th to terminate the Declaration of the State of Emergency and also the evacuation order that affected the lands within the community of Wheatley and within the boundary of Chatham-Kent.

Based on the advice of technical experts, we are now able to narrow the evacuation order to just two properties in Wheatley, those being 15 Erie Street North and 9 Talbot Street. All other owners and occupants will no longer be prevented from entering their properties subject to an inspection by emergency services personnel prior to entry.  The Declaration of the State of Emergency will remain in effect while the Municipality continues to work with the two remaining property owners to put gas monitoring in place before ending the Declaration of the State of Emergency. 

For all other owners and occupants, you are asked to attend the Resource Centre at the Wheatley Arena, located at 196 Erie Street North in Wheatley between the hours of 12pm to 3pm on Saturday, June 19th to pick up an information package and resources and to receive assistance from emergency service personnel with respect to proper re-entry.

Gift cards will also be available for evacuated or returning residents who require assistance replacing perished food.     

Mayor Darrin Canniff said, “We are all anxious to see the community of Wheatley return to its vibrant state with businesses re-opened and residents back in their homes but based on the advice we have received, some further monitoring of two locations is required before we can move the whole community back out of a state of emergency.”

Residents who cannot attend the Resource Centre during the 12 pm to 3pm timeframe on Saturday may call 519.350.2956 for general information between the hours of 3pm and 60m o Saturday and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. 

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