Wheatley Road Bridge Closures

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has secured a contractor (Clarke Construction) for the rehabilitation of the Wheatley Road Bridge over Government Drain No. 4 and the rehabilitation of the Wheatley Road Bridge over the Burgess Drain in the Community of Romney.

Commencing Monday, May 2, 2022, the intersection of Wheatley Road and Goodreau Line will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic to complete the bridge rehabilitation.  It is anticipated that the work at this location will take approximately 7 weeks. After the work is completed at this location, the 2nd Bridge, Wheatley Road over the Burgess Drain, located between Coatsworth Road and Rosedale Line, will be closed for approximately 7 weeks. Both structures will be completed and Wheatley Road reopened to vehicular traffic by the end of July 2022.

The same traffic detour will be in place for the duration of the work at both bridges; consisting of Middle Road, Highway 77, and Essex Road 8. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is urging the public to use the posted detour and not use local roads as they are not adequate to handle the large volumes of traffic.

Chatham-Kent is committed to working with Clarke Construction to maintain a safe and orderly worksite. Construction sites have many potential hazards and extreme caution should be taken by adhering to the safety requirements and staying outside of the construction zones.

For updates on this and all other projects in Chatham-Kent, please visit www.chatham-kent.ca/constructionprojects.