Weekly Meeting with Premier

Each week, Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, meets with Mayor Canniff and the CAO to discuss the status of the Wheatley state of emergency and how the Ontario government may be of assistance. The Premier expressed his commitment to the community for ongoing support and additional technical resources if needed.  The Premier also spoke of the sense of urgency to resolve the problem as quickly as possible so that residents can return to their homes and businesses. Mayor Canniff thanked the Premier for the recently announced Provincial financial assistance and the need to continue the hard work and positive momentum.

The gas leak earlier this week delayed the re-entry appointments for residents. “Safety is of the highest priority. Although the gas release has now subsided, we need to have a stable environment for at least 24 hours.  Appointments are scheduled to restart today.” says General Manager of Infrastructure and Engineering, Thomas Kelly.

The Technical Advisory Committee meets regularly to prepare for the next steps in the investigation. Residents will see heavy machinery on-site in early December to assist with demolition and excavation efforts in the area of concern.