Update on Wheatley Investigation

As previously reported, three Areas of Potential Environmental Concern (APEC) have been identified. APEC 1 is the area near the Pogue and Wheatley hotel. ​APEC 2 is the reported location of the abandoned Tait Well (Well 000981), which was located using ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic geophysical surveying. APEC 3 is a vent on the north-west corner of the municipal parking lot near Elm Street. 

Analysis of the gas samples taken from APEC 1 and APEC 2 indicates the gas source closely matches gas from a producing natural gas well in the region. 

To date, H2S (hydrogen sulphide) has been detected near APEC 1 during gas leak events and was accompanied by flowing water.  It was also detected in extremely low concentrations near APEC 2 immediately following the latest gas leak event on Nov. 21/21. The source of H2S may be related to an unidentified gas source (thermogenic) from depth. It is also possible that the H2S is biogenic in nature and is generated from stagnant water close to surface mixing with gas that is migrating along a subsurface pathway.

The goal for the next phase of the investigation is to confirm if a lateral pathway exists between APEC 1 and 2 and to confirm whether there are any other sources of gas. ​

The removal of hydro lines and poles is occurring on Monday next week.  Building excavation will follow at 15 and 19 Erie St. N and 9 Talbot Trail West.

The technical consultants are currently actively working with sub-contractors, the municipality and the province to develop detailed work plans and health and safety plans to ensure these activities are undertaken safely.​