Temporarily Entry To Properties Postponed

On Sunday, November 21, another gas release event occurred at the centre of the evacuation zone in Wheatley.  The gas release was at the same location as witnessed on four previous occasions and lasted approximately 8 hours.  Yesterday low levels of H2S returned to the same area for a short period of time.  Due to this recent development, appointments for people to temporarily enter their properties today have been postponed until it can be confirmed that the zone is safe for re-entry.   

Firefighters remain on scene providing around the clock service to ensure the safety of the community.

The data captured yesterday and on Sunday will be used to assist in the continued investigation.  Once the technical experts have thoroughly reviewed the data, a determination will be made if adjustments are required to the work plan and temporary homeowner re-entry process.

As of today, ten homeowners have re-entered their property. A case manager is on site to provide assistance to residents.