Sports Field Use Issue to Come Before Council May 10

The municipality continues to support youth and adult sports activities in our community and deeply appreciates the contributions of our community volunteers.

Municipal parks and fields are maintained to a standard set by council, and when booked for specific sporting events specific maintenance levels apply and are maintained by a third party contractor to ensure the safety of park users during the process.

The municipality endeavours to treat all sports organizations fairly, including access to field booking and insurance requirements. If sports fields are not booked for use, and organizations decide to use them outside of their booked time, the municipality cannot guarantee sport specific maintenance levels will be provided. Further, occupancy conflicts may arise.  

Residents and sports leagues are also reminded that the province has restricted the use of sports fields currently as part of their COVID lockdown protocols. The municipality does not have the discretion to change this restriction.

When the province deems fields available for use, we encourage all leagues to follow the booking protocol and municipally owned fields will be maintained accordingly to ensure safe and efficient operation of the facility.

A report regarding usage of sports fields in municipal parks will be presented before Chatham-Kent Council at its May 10 meeting.



For more information contact:

Jim Blake
Communications Officer
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3624