Snowplow Naming Contest

Snow removal in Chatham-Kent will get a lot more personal this winter thanks to an online snowplow-naming contest now underway.

One plow in each of Chatham-Kent’s six wards will be “named” from a list submitted to Let's Talk Chatham-Kent.

Nominations will be accepted until November 12. Once that period is over, a committee of volunteers and municipal employees will narrow the list to 25 possibilities.

That list will then be placed on Let's Talk for voting and the six names with the highest votes will be declared winners.

Each plow will be decorated with its new name, courtesy of WINMAR Property Restoration Specialists which covers the cost of the program.

Mayor Darrin Canniff said the campaign will provide a lighthearted look at a vital municipal service. “It will be fun to see what names everyone comes up with,” he said. “Thanks to WINMAR for stepping up.”

To be eligible, submitted names must be family-friendly and free of discrimination.

For more information contact:
Amy Wilcox

Manager of Corporate Initiatives
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3055

Media Contact:
Jim Blake
Communications Officer
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3624