Next Phase in Wheatley Work to Begin This Week

Work safety plans have been finalized and it is expected the next phase of work in the gas emission investigation will begin by the end of the week in downtown Wheatley.

The re-drilling of the Tait well at APEC 2 in the municipal parking lot is expected to begin and will take approximately two weeks. The well is being re-drilled to collect gas samples, the existing structure analyzed and ultimately prepared for re-abandonment. Operational plans for further investigating APEC 1 and 3 are underway which will begin after the work at APEC 2.

Planned hydro-vac trenching and asphalt removal around the exterior of the 17 Talbot Road East was completed last week. No well was found in the excavated areas, the provincial team is analyzing the results of the investigation to determine the next steps if any are required.

While safety plans were being prepared, an additional five property visits took place over the weekend. During the re-drilling work, visits will be suspended.