Municipality to Conduct Community Satisfaction Survey

From November 22 through December 14, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent has contracted Ipsos to conduct the first community satisfaction survey in more than a decade.

Ipsos staff will survey 500 Chatham-Kent residents age 18 and over by landline and cell phone. Survey participants will be selected to reflect the community in terms of age, gender, rural/urban population and other factors from the most recent census data available.

“This survey will give Council and municipal staff insight and an objective understanding of how residents feel about services and issues that are important to them,” says Chief Administrative Officer Don Shropshire. "Similar questions have been asked by other municipalities. Results from the survey can be compared with other communities, provide a baseline of how the residents view the Municipality and provide Council and staff with the information needed to develop action plans to improve and identify targets for that improvement."

Results of the survey are expected in January and will be presented to Council and the public in February.