More Charges in Anti-Lockdown Rally

Chatham-Kent By-law enforcement officials have laid five charges in relation to the April 26 anti-lockdown rally in Tecumseh Park.

Officials noted that they continue to review information they have available to identify others who may have violated the Re-Opening Ontario Act. Charges may be brought for up to six months following the event.

Those charged are not being identified at this time.

By-law officials did not lay charges as a result of the April 30 “Opening Day” event promoted on social media encouraging businesses to violate the anti-Covid measures.

Prior to the day of the event, the organizer announced the event was cancelled due to lack of interest. Chatham-Kent Police, Public Health Inspectors and By-Law enforcement officers all conducted inspections of the businesses associated with the event.

Inspections took place throughout the day and none of the businesses were found to be in violation of the provincial regulations. As such, no fines were laid related to the event.  

Prior to the event, the municipality advised businesses through a media release that provisions of the Act would be enforced. Officials are thanking businesses that have chosen to comply with the province-wide regulations imposed last month.



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