Erieau Residents Asked About Future of Their Community

Residents and business owners in Erieau are being asked to participate in an online survey to help determine the future direction of the community.

The survey, which can be found at  Let's Talk Chatham-Kent- Erieau Community Survey, is a joint effort of the Erieau Community Association (ECA) and the municipality to provide ideas about the future of the community.

Leo Heuvelmans, Chair of Erieau Community Association (ECA), said the survey will provide community leaders with a chance to begin to develop a vision for the lakeshore village.

“We love Erieau, and we want to make sure it continues to be a beautiful place to live and visit,” he said. “The Erieau we have today is different than that of decades ago and we recognize that things will change in the years to come. It’s time to review the priorities of the community.”

Heuvelmans said the goal of the ECA Strategic Planning Committee is to develop a multi-year strategic plan for Erieau related to projects which are prioritized by the community of Erieau residents and property owners. The plan will provide direction for fundraising activities and the allocation of funds.

The plan will be a collaboration between the residents of Erieau and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

“We will be exploring all elements of our community’s Strategic Plan - – Economic Prosperity, Healthy and A Safe Community, People & Culture and Environmental Sustainability,” said Chatham-Kent CAO Don Shropshire.

“Involvement by the residents and business owners of Erieau is essential,” he said. “Local involvement is key.”

The results of the survey will form the basis for a public meeting to be held sometime this spring.

“The public meeting will go much more smoothly if we have some items on the table for discussion,” Heuvelmans said. “This will be a starting point.”

The survey is open now through March 31.