Consultation on Climate Action Plan Launched

Consultation on Climate Change Action Plan Launched

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has launched the first of two online surveys planned to inform the development of a Climate Change Action Plan for the community. In this first survey, participants will have the opportunity to share their views on what the municipality should prioritize and focus on regarding energy use, flooding, heatwaves and other issues related to climate change.

“This input will help to determine which issues related to climate change are most important to our residents and businesses and will lay the foundation for developing a good plan that addresses local priorities and creates local benefits for our residents and businesses,” said Gabriel Clarke, Manager Growth & Sustainability for the Municipality.

The second survey planned for the spring of 2022 will ask the community for input on actions that should be taken to address the top priorities identified in this first survey.

The Climate Change Action Plan is being developed in response to Council’s climate emergency declaration issued in 2019. The process to develop the plan was started in late 2019 but halted in early 2020 due to the pandemic. “The decision to use an online engagement process will enable our community to give valuable feedback and avoid further delays that may arise,” said Ryan Jacques – Director of Planning Services for Chatham Kent.

As part of the information-gathering phase of the project, a local climate analysis was recently completed. It found that Chatham-Kent’s climate has become hotter, wetter and wilder over the last several decades and that this trend is projected to continue. With this comes an increased chance of heatwaves, flooding, erosion and extreme weather. Another report found transportation and heating and cooling buildings make up most of the local energy use. “The survey focuses on local issues that have a real impact on our residents and businesses. This survey allows people to share what they feel is most important now so that we can consider what the Municipality and our partners might do to respond to these priorities. The community’s input is a key part of this process.” said Bruce McAllister – General Manager, Community Development for the Municipality.

The online survey can be accessed through the Let's Talk “Climate Change Action Plan” project page.

Residents wanting to complete the survey who are without access to a computer or the internet are invited to their local Chatham-Kent Public Library branch to use a public access computer or connect their device to the free public Wi-Fi network.