Chatham-Kent Older Adult of the Year

Josephine Richardson Named Winner of Chatham-Kent Senior of the Year Award

A retired teacher whose volunteer work has touched people throughout CK and around the world is the recipient of the Chatham-Kent Senior of the Year award.

Josephine Richardson was announced as the winner during today’s live broadcast of the 2022 Chatham-Kent Celebration of Older Adults on YourTV. Josephine was chosen from among more than a dozen nominees.

“It’s just what I do every day,” she said when asked about her efforts.

Since retiring from teaching and home daycare, Josephine has been a member of the Chatham Kent Quilter’s Guild and has made quilts for the Police and Fire Departments to be given to those suffering from accidents or unsafe situations.

She also makes quilts for those with cancer or other illnesses, and as a weekly volunteer with Canadian Food for Children, she has made and donated 410 quilts that have been sent to Africa, South America and Ukraine.

Josephine is a widow who is well known around her neighbourhood shovelling people’s driveways, dropping off baking or just stopping in for a visit with a senior. As a COVID challenge to herself, she made 103 quilts in 100 days, to be delivered to those in need. Josephine is the proud grandma of 14 grandchildren and soon to be a great-grandma.

(Josephine’s expanded biography and a list of the other nominees are attached.).

 Chatham-Kent Celebration of Older Adults co-chairs councillors Clare Latimer and Marjorie Crew expressed their appreciation for the role older adults play in the community.

“Much like the quilts Josephine makes, our older adults form a big part of the fabric of our community,” Counc. Latimer said.

“We are so fortunate that we have older adults who combine their experience and wisdom with their energy to make Chatham-Kent a better place,” Counc. Crew added.

Mayor Darrin Canniff told the audience that Older adults are involved in virtually every event, campaign and community initiative in Chatham-Kent.

“The dollar value of your contributions would be in the millions, but the value to our community is incalculable,” he said. “Congratulations to all those being honoured today and keep up the great work.”

The awards show can be viewed on the Municipal Facebook page and the Municipal YouTube Channel.

More than 1,000 citizens have been honoured since the awards began in Blenheim more than 30 years ago.

Photo Caption (left to right) Mayor Darrin Canniff, Councillor Clare Latimer, Josephine Richardson and Councillor Marjorie Crew.