CK officials urge common sense boating

Media Release

July 18, 2019

Chatham-Kent urge common sense boating,

request courtesy during high water situation

As the boating season continues, the municipality of Chatham-Kent and Chatham Kent Police Service are reminding boaters of speed limits and requesting courtesy due to potential damage for waterfront property owners.

Chatham-Kent Police Service notes that although there is no regulation regarding wake, many sections on inland waterways in the municipality are posted for an 8km/h. Police are on patrol for enforcement of speed and safety related issues.

In addition to obeying the speed limit, Mayor Darrin Canniff said the rules of common courtesy need to be observed.

“Water levels are at a historic high and wake from passing boats can easily wash over docks and shorelines, causing damage to moored boats, seawalls and property,” he said. “The high water is also putting strain on the dikes that protect thousands of acres of farmland.”

“We want residents to enjoy using our amazing waterways but we want them to do so in a courteous manner,” he said. “A little consideration goes a long way.”

Councillors Anthony Ceccacci, Clare Latimer and Jamie McGrail are among those who have all received calls from residents or have expressed concerns about the issue.

“The majority of boaters are responsible but we have some who may not be aware of the potential damage or are willfully disobeying the speed limit,” Ceccacci said. “It’s an education process.”


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