Community Arts Council in Chatham-Kent

Media Release

May 31, 2021

CK Arts and Culture Network – a Community Arts Council for Chatham-Kent

The CK Arts and Culture Network (CKACN) is a volunteer-based, membership-driven charitable organization that advocates for and sustains the arts in our community, by helping to support cultural activities and building community engagement in the arts.

The CKACN was founded on the principle that our arts and artists in all disciplines – from visual arts and theatre, to dance, design, literary arts and beyond – provide a critical creative dialogue essential to the social and economic health of our community. 

The goals of the CKACN are: 

  • To increase opportunities for the creative community to learn, work and thrive in Chatham-Kent
  • To grow connections and collaboration in the arts and between community sectors
  • To advocate for and support economic investment in the arts
  • To increase the engagement of residents and visitors with Chatham-Kent’s artists and arts programming
  • To promote understanding and respect for the diversity of creative practice
  • To ensure that a vibrant and sustainable arts and culture sector is developed and maintained throughout the municipality of Chatham-Kent.

The members of the CKACN share the following values:

  • A belief in the power of the arts to transform individuals and communities
  • A desire to unite our diverse creative community
  • An understanding of the role creative collaboration can play in enriching a community


In 2015, a small group of arts, culture and heritage-minded individuals came together with the aim of establishing a community-based network to promote and support arts and culture activities within Chatham-Kent. Their work laid the framework for the CKACN.

In April 2019, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent launched a new Arts and Culture section, bringing the operations of the Chatham Capitol Theatre and the Chatham Cultural Centre under joint management. This created the potential for new opportunities for community-based arts and culture activities, promotions and events, anchored by the municipal theatres, galleries and museums. With a desire to unite arts and culture stakeholders around the development of a local cultural economy, to ensure community representation in municipal  programming, and to grow a stable and engaged audience base – particularly as we head into a post-COVID future – discussions around the CKACN resumed in June 2020.

The organization was incorporated on January 5, 2021 and an initial/founding Board of Directors was approved on March 16, 2021. 


     Are you passionate about Arts and Culture?

     Do you share our values regarding the role of Arts and Culture in our community?

     Do you want to make a difference? 

The CK Arts and Culture Network is currently inviting applications for new members to join its Board of Directors. We are seeking individuals who represent a diverse range of backgrounds, business sectors and perspectives, and who feel they can make a meaningful contribution to the Arts and Culture scene in Chatham-Kent. 

To request an information package and application, please contact:


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