Another Release In Wheatley

On Sunday, November 21, another gas release event occurred at centre of the evacuation zone in Wheatley.  The gas release was at the same location as previously witnessed on four occasions.  On-site gas monitoring experts responded quickly and captured a gas sample for laboratory analysis.  The release subsided to zero levels after approximately eight hours.

All on-site equipment performed as designed and as expected. The gas was safely vented to the atmosphere.  All monitoring equipment both within and along the perimeter of the evacuation zone provided data that ensured the safety of the area.  Odour complaints were investigated, and it was determined that there were no imminent risks outside of the evacuation zone.

The data captured yesterday will be used to assist in the continued investigation.  Today, Provincial and Municipal Engineers will be reviewing all details of the event to determine if any adjustments in the work plan is required.

The evacuation zone is now stable.  The scheduling of appointments for homeowner temporary access will proceed as planned.