Educational Attainment 

CK post-secondary completion rate is below ON avgHigher levels of educational attainment have been linked to improved quality of life. In 2011, CK had a higher percentage of people aged 25-64 years old with less than high school education (17.6%) when compared to the province (11.0%). In addition, a lower percentage of CK residents aged 25 - 64 years old held a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree (CK: 51% vs. ON: 65%).

Improving School Readiness to Learn 

less children start kindergarten with poor developmentThe degree to which a child is ready to learn at school predicts academic achievement later in life. Overtime, less children in CK start kindergarten with poor development. in 2009/10, nearly one in four children in CK (23.3%) entered kindergarten without skills needed to succeeded. Since 2005/06, the proportion of children deemed vulnerable to falling behind in school has decreased in each of five developmental domains. Still, physical well-being, and communication skills present opportunities for further improvement.  

Enroll in the Canada Learning Bond Grant for Post-Secondary Education 

23% of eligible children have the Canada Leaning BondThe Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is money that the Government of Canada gives for a children's Registered Education Saving Plan account to help families save for their child's education after high school. As of September 2013, 23% of eligible children in Chatham-Kent are register for CLB. That means there is are lots of families not receiving up to $2,000 of money for their children's future. For more information go to this link

Chatham-Kent Public Library Usage on the Rise 

1,433 programs offered and 21,589 program attendance To learn more read the Chatham-Kent Public Library and read their annual report; link on upper right side. 

Indicator   2015  2016 
 # of people who attend programs 16,685  21,589
# of downloads 111,376  123,397
# of new patrons  3,903 4,337