Having a regular checkup is one way to know how healthy you are. CK Counts is just that; it is a checkup on how Chatham-Kent as a community is doing.

CK Counts is a quality of life assessment tool that reports on population indicators in 10 categories. These 10 categories are • Community Context • Community Belonging • Healthy Population • Leisure and Culture • Learning and Education • Household Finances • Work and Economy • Housing • Environment • Safety

CK Counts is meant to start discussion. As a community, we have the collective ability to impact changes in each of these areas. Important questions need to be asked, such as:

  • What are these trends telling us?
  • What is the story behind the data?
  • Are these the results we want for our community?
  • What will happen if these trends continue?
  • Does this reflect the quality of life we want for Chatham-Kent? If not, what can each one of us do to make a difference?

We are currently making the 2016 Snapshots on Quality of Life in Chatham-Kent Infographic AODA - please contact CKCommunityLeadersCabinet@chatham-kent.ca to receive one in the format that works best for you.   

Message from Mayor Randy Hope , Co-Chair of the Chatham-Kent Community Leaders' Cabinet

On behalf of Municipal Council, I am proud to be working collectively with all the members of the CK Community Leaders’ Cabinet to build a community where quality of life is planned, developed and championed.  CK Counts is a quality of life planning tool. CK Counts shows how our quality of life and health are determined by a range of factors. It illustrates that no single organization, however innovative or powerful, can accomplish large-scale social change by itself.  I encourage you to share CK Counts with your friends, family and those around you. Ask yourself if these are the trends we want in CK? If not, how can we individually and collectively change them?  Together we decide the type of community we want to live in. I'm pleased that the CK Community Leader's Cabinet have chosen to specifically  look more closely at the areas of healthy living, learning and education, and the economy.

We count on your feedback and encourage you to email us at ckcommunityleaderscabinet@chatham-kent.ca. By working together, we can make improvements both for today and for coming generations

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