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Having a regular checkup is one way to know how healthy you are. CK Counts is just that; it is a checkup on how Chatham-Kent as a community is doing.

CK Counts is a quality of life assessment tool that reports on population indicators in 10 categories. These 10 categories are • Community Context • Community Belonging • Healthy Population • Leisure and Culture • Learning and Education • Household Finances • Work and Economy • Housing • Environment • Safety

CK Counts is meant to start discussion. As a community, we have the collective ability to impact changes in each of these areas. Important questions need to be asked, such as:

  • What are these trends telling us?
  • What is the story behind the data?
  • Are these the results we want for our community?
  • What will happen if these trends continue?
  • Does this reflect the quality of life we want for Chatham-Kent? If not, what can each one of us do to make a difference?