Effective community engagement not only provides Council with an opportunity to strengthen its relationship with the people of Chatham-Kent, but provides for sound investment in better decision making by ensuring decisions are informed of community needs and aspirations. We take great care in listening to our community to determine the necessary changes and improvements to make our great municipality, even better.

Overall, the framework aims at developing a consistent approach to community engagement, providing guidance on when and how to undertake engagement activities and what steps and processes should be considered. It outlines our goals and guiding principles for community engagement to ensure consistent and active participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of our programs and services.

Join the Conversation!

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent launched Let's Talk Chatham-Kent in 2017. It's the municipality's new online engagement site that allows you to contribute your ideas and feedback on municipal matters important to you! 
We want to empower you, our residents, to be more active in shaping your community and future. We will listen to what you say, take your opinions into account and report back to you on how community input contributes to decisions.

To get involved, take a moment and sign up for Let's Talk.
We invite you to watch a short video(External link) on what Let's Talk Chatham-Kent is all about! Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions at