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They believe that our vision statement should challenge our community, that the statement should reflect the desired end state that our community would like Chatham-Kent to be and how our community wants Chatham-Kent to be viewed.

On January 23, 2017, Council approved the "new" vision statement for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. 

                Vision Statement-Chatham-Kent is a welcoming,healthy, prosperous community that is culturally rich and naturally innovative 

We have launched CK Vision, a mini website, where Chatham-Kent residents are encouraged to express their civic pride in the community and their hopes for its future through this new engagement tool.

The site elaborates on what each of the key words within the vision statements means using words and images of the community.

The most meaningful part of the site, is the area where visitors are encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and images of the community.

Those who want to share their thoughts or images about the community can do so through #myckvision on Instagram or fill out a form with their name and email address.

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