Chatham-Kent needed  a community strategic plan, which would provide direction for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent that would build on our past successes and provides a road map for the future. The areas of strategic focus would serve as the foundation for making Chatham-Kent into an economically prosperous, healthy, safe, and environmentally sustainable community that is fiscally responsible and led by an open and transparent government.

The Strategic Priorities Advisory Committee (SPAC) is a committee composed of volunteers and Council members that worked together to develop CK Plan 2035.

The CK Plan 2035 is an overarching strategy document that supports the integration and consolidation of Chatham-Kent’s key studies, plans, strategies and planning processes to more clearly articulate the Municipality’s long-term strategies over a 20-year horizon.

The methodology to create CK Plan 2035 was comprehensive and included the consolidation of various municipal master plans and studies, all of which, had been developed with extensive community engagement.  A short summary of some of the plans included are:

  • Cultural Plan, 2007
  • Fire Master Plan, 2007
  • Water and Wastewater Master Plan, 2012
  • Transportation Master Plan, 2008
  • Growth Analysis (2006-2031), 2009
  • Parks and Recreation Master Plan, 2010
  • Healthy Community Picture Report, 2011
  • Housing Study Update, 2012
  • And other key studies, plans and strategies

A SWOT Analysis (as presented to Council on Nov. 17, 2014) was completed to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to the community. To learn more about this process, click here.

The CK Plan 2035 is intended to be a flexible, living document that can be responsive to community needs over time.

To effectively achieve the vision for Chatham-Kent, the community needs to blend and consolidate its past planning successes with this new approach. It was identified that four strategic focus areas will provide focus and a clear path to lead Chatham-Kent towards a collective vision for 2035.

The main strategic issues, as presented to Council Oct. 19, 2015, that must be managed for Chatham-Kent to achieve its mission and realize its vision were identified as:

  1. 1. Resilience
  2. Population Growth
  3. Economy
  4. Health
  5. Culture
  6. Environment
  7. Fiscal Prudence and Financial Sustainability
  8. Governance and Management

Based on internal and external stakeholder consultant, that the above eight areas were too broad, and the goals for Chatham-Kent were further consolidated into the current four Areas of Strategic Focus:

  • Economic Prosperity
  • A Healthy and Safe Community
  • People and Culture
  • Environmental Sustainability

One area that we did not want to lose was "resilience".  It is important for a municipality to be resilient and have capacity to respond to changes and challenges that affect its people. The long-term approach to CK Plan 2035 allows Chatham-Kent to build a sustainable and resilient community that is prepared for economic, social and environmental changes, and have the ability to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

The vision for Chatham-Kent in 2035 is an ambitious one, and the Municipality cannot achieve these goals on its own. CK Plan 2035 is intended to be a flexible, living document that can be responsive to community needs over time. The success of this plan requires community support and participation.