Why does Chatham-Kent need a strategic plan?

The CK Plan 2035 is an overarching strategy that supports the integration and consolidation of Chatham-Kent’s key studies, plans, strategies and planning processes to more clearly articulate the Municipality’s long-term strategies over a 20-year horizon – what it will look like in 2035. It will act as a conduit to integrate and align these key studies, plans and strategies to the Chatham-Kent Official Plan.

The CK Plan 2035 contributes to the people of Chatham-Kent’s long-term prosperity, quality of life, and range of opportunities in which to live, learn, work and play. The CK Plan 2035 is intended to be a flexible, living document that can be responsive to community needs over time.

This plan strives to connect with and encourages community planning for everyone in Chatham-Kent. No municipal government, regardless of how innovative or influential, can accomplish large-scale social change on its own – it takes the entire community. We need to focus on Chatham-Kent as a collective, and commit to a common agenda for solving specific challenges and put in place the right supports to align activities.

What is included in a strategic plan?

Each component of a strategic plan is a step in successfully defining and achieving Chatham-Kent’s direction and priorities. The components of the Municipality’s strategic plan are:

Vision: The community’s vision for the next 20 years, based on the integration and consolidation of Chatham-Kent’s key studies, plans, strategies and planning processes.
Strategic areas of focus and critical success factors: The results that need to be achieved over the next 20 years.
Strategic directions: The ways Chatham-Kent, working with its partners, will achieve the goals/outcomes.

What does this mean to me?

The Corporation of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent serves the community. The CK Plan 2035 cannot be accomplished by municipal investment alone – it takes the entire community – however, the municipality provides the corporate infrastructure to monitor track and maintain the plan.

How does the strategic plan become a reality?

Together, we have created a vision for Chatham-Kent in 2035. To make it a reality requires that we achieve the goals we set - by undertaking specific, identified actions. CK Plan 2035 identifies key focus areas and directions to inform and drive our community efforts.

The CK Plan 2035 will be the foundation for all:

      • Corporate/Departmental Planning and Budgeting
      • Orientation and Training
      • Communications
      • Partnership Development
      • Progress Reports