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How you can help: Call to Action

  • Set up a Canada Learning Bond for your children   WEBSITE
  • Buy local products   WEBSITE
  • Volunteer for the Economic Development Advisory Committee   WEBSITE
  • Volunteer for the Chatham-Kent Agriculture Development Committee   WEBSITE
  • Volunteer for the Chambers of Commerce   WEBSITE
  • Volunteer as a board member for Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board   WEBSITE

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How you can help: Call to Action


  • Aim for eight fruits and vegetable each day
  • Choose water or sugar free beverages
  • Build in 30 minutes of daily activity
  • Have all your current immunizations – especially if you are travelling
  • See your health care provider regularly
  • Get connected in the community: mom and caregiver play groups, senior centres, faith communities, sports or hobby groups, civic engagement
  • Welcome newcomers to your neighbourhood
  • Encourage voluntarism
  • Invest in projects that improve safety and well-being while promoting affordability
  • Visit the Chatham-Kent Safety Village with your family  WEBSITE
  • Sign up for Pulse Point AED Registry - a web registry and app that allows residents to locate  AED (Automated External Defibrillator) units anywhere in the community WEBSITE  


  • Adopt “Meet Well” guidelines    
  • Adopt a living wage for all employees 

How you can help: Call to Action

  • Host educational cultural festivals
  • Create social gathering places where neighbours can come together, such as community gardens.
  • Support recreation and social programming which encourages interaction, cohesiveness, and community building.
  • Visit location tourism sites   WEBSITE
  • Be a positive, engaging ambassador for Chatham-Kent
  • Preserve and invest in heritage homes
  • Visit and support performing arts, library, education and recreation venues
  • Start or invest in a local, creative economy business

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How you can help: Call to Action

  • Plant a tree
  • Volunteer with local conservation authority
  • Recycle and compost your household waste
  • Carpools or ride your bicycle to work
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Borrow an energy meter from your local library to help find ways to conserve energy   WEBSITE
  • Things you can do to conserve natural resources - SF Environment   WEBSITE