ThinkstockPhotos-1010593156.jpgThe Municipality of Chatham-Kent values communications.  Communications is the foundation of an open and transparent government.  We are committed to providing relevant and accurate information in ways that are accessible, creative, coherent, and timely.  

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is continuing to work on creating an organizational culture that values open and two-way communication in how it listens to citizens, plans projects and undertakes tasks. We will continue to create connections that lead to successful two-way communication.   and work to recognize emerging trends and introduce new ways to connect with citizens, and in doing so, ignite open dialogue, mutual understanding and genuine confidence.

This section of the municipal website is designed to make access to information easier.  Below is a listing of the various pages/sections that provide information to the public. 

  • CK Plan 2035: The community strategic plan for Chatham-Kent. This section has many pages of information related to the plan.
  • Let's Talk Chatham-Kent: Our on-line community engagement tool that provides citizens with the opportunity to provide feedback on a variety of relevant and timely projects
  • Measuring Our Progress: Provides information on municipal business plans, annual reports and the integrated planning and reporting cycle
  • Media Centre: Citizens can read media releases sent out by the municipality
  • Social Media Accounts: This page provides a listing of all of the municipal social media platforms and how to access them
  • Studies, Plans and Strategies Database: Citizens can search this database to find municipal documents