"Resources" is designed to be an easy reference guide for municipal candidates.

The following links will assist candidates in finding information on specific topics that are available through the Chatham-Kent portal. Users are encouraged to review other pages for further information on various projects and services provided by the Municipality.

Election Candidate Information  Requests 

At the May 28th Council meeting, this information report was received. 

CK Plan2035

CK Plan 2035 is a community strategic plan that was developed based on the collective vision of Chatham-Kent residents, businesses and municipal government for what we want Chatham-Kent to aspire to be in 20 years.

CK Counts

CK Counts is a quality of life assessment tool that reports on population indicators in 10 categories. These 10 categories are: Community Context, Community Belonging, Healthy Population, Leisure and Culture, Learning and Education, Household Finances, Work and Economy, Housing , Environment, Safety.

Municipal Budget

On January 31, Chatham-Kent Council finalized the 2018 budget and approved a 1.62 percent tax impact.

Financial Statements

The financial statements of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent are audited by Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Official Plan

The Official Plan sets out the objectives and policies to guide the short-term and long-term physical development of all lands within the Municipality.

Candidate Information Night Presentation

An overview of topics reviewed during the Candidate Information Night

Guides and Procedures:

This Guide provides general information in plain language about the rules contained in the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 and other legislation and regulations. It is not meant to replace provincial legislation. For more specific information, please refer to the relevant legislation and regulations which can be found online at www.e-laws.gov.on.ca. 

Election Campaign Sign By-Law 

By-law # 73-2009, a by-law respecting election campaign signs on boulevards and other municipal property was passed by the Council of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent on April 27, 2009.  Campaign signs shall only be permitted from August 24, 2018 until October 27, 2018. 


The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is pleased to announced that the 2018 update of "So You Want to Run for Council" will be available mid to late February, 2018. This course is geared to individuals who are planning to run for a seat on municipal council.

Course is available at www.MunicipalEducation.ca,  the cost to take the course is $75 including tax.