drainage ditch

Drainage Services

Drainage Services provides a high level of technical expertise and oversees all projects associated with approximately 4,000 municipal drains including open ditches and tile drains throughout the Municipality.

Fleet Services

Fleet Services is an internal department that manages the vehicles and equipment owned and/or leased by the Municipality. This includes the purchase/lease, maintenance, repairs, licensing, etc. of approximately 1,200 pieces of equipment.

Asset Management

Asset Management is also an internal department that is responsible for managing all physical assets including buildings owned by the Municipality.

Waste Management

Waste Management oversees the garbage and recycling collection services for approximately 34,000 properties, as well as the operation of eight transfer stations and seven leaf and yard depots.

Do you have a question or concern? Please call our Drainage, Asset and Waste Management Department at 519.360.1998 or email us.