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Our team consists of dedicated personnel contributing to the achievement of organizational objectives through creative and leading edge strategies and facilitation of ongoing development of employees within our organization.

Our HROD Department is working hard to provide a haven for employees to come for consultation and support. A place where “You” come first. Come, join our amazing team of 2000+ employees, and experience a career in a place where you can make a difference!

Our Role

The role of HROD is to provide expertise and assistance to administration and Council in various areas including:

  • Compensation & Benefits
    • Administer employee benefit programs
    • Job evaluation
    • Pay equity
    • Compensation systems
  • HROD Administration
    • Policies and procedures
    • Employee records
    • Corporate attendance and performance management
  • Labour Relations
  • Occupational Safety
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Learning & Organizational Development

If you need more information regarding Human Resources & Organizational Development, please call 1.519.360.1998 or e-mail us at

Twohands shakingLabour Relations

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is affiliated with 11 unions. Labour Relations provides interpretation and advice to employees, union executives, and management groups. Labour Management meetings are held on a regular basis for the purpose of maintaining communications in order to cooperatively discuss and resolve issues of mutual concern.

Yellow construction hard hatOccupational Safety

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has identified “safety” as one of its core values. The overall goal of the occupational safety program is to prevent workplace accidents and reduce the number of days lost due to injuries. Pro-active prevention strategies and due diligence tools are promoted on a municipal-wide basis With more than 100 worksites and diverse safety environments, indicative of a municipal organization, the implementation and revisions to written safety policies and procedures are an ongoing process to assist in maintaining a corporate safety culture and legislative compliance.

Various safety committees and safety representatives are active throughout the municipal workforce. Their goals are to promote a positive attitude towards occupational safety, identify and report workplace hazards, conduct monthly inspections, participate in accident investigations and make recommendations.

The Internal Responsibility System (IRS) is promoted throughout all municipal worksites via management and the safety committee members and safety representatives. The IRS is a safety philosophy based on the principle that every workplace individual is responsible for safety (CAO to front line). The IRS must be an active concept; all workers undertaking all work activities with safety in the forefront. A healthy IRS fosters a safety culture, ensures accountability for safety engagement and pro-active prevention. By working together, work place parties can make this safety culture a reality!

Coloured Arrows Learning & Organizational Development

Chatham-Kent values learning and development of employees and has a learning culture that supports our succession and leadership development programs. Chatham-Kent is committed to providing employees with a broad range of learning and developmental opportunities to ensure they have a safe and successful career with us!

New employees receive orientation to the organization, their department and their position. Supervisors ensure employees have access to a variety of learning opportunities that meet their safety, technical, business, developmental and leadership needs.

Learning needs are met using several effective methods for adult learners, including on-line learning, coaching, mentoring and interactive workshops that use the latest technology to keep employees engaged in the material.

Chatham-Kent also supports a variety of job-enrichment opportunities to help employees reach their goals. These opportunities may include such things as cross training, job shadowing and participation on project teams or committees. Our tuition assistance program and availability of resume/interview coaching also supports employees to reach their goals.

Chatham-Kent hosts most of our in-house classroom training at CKlearning Central, our corporate training facility. CKlearning Central provides a comfortable learning environment with the following resources:

  • computer labs
  • several workshop and break-out rooms
  • hospitality centre
  • training equipment and supplies

Our classroom instructors are subject-matter experts that are either groomed internally or brought in externally. Employees have an opportunity to provide feedback after each class so we continually improve our courses.

Learning Resources

Staff can access a variety of learning resources (safety, technical, business, developmental and leadership) free of charge through the Chatham-Kent Public Library. Resources are available in several types of formats.

Recruitment GlobeRecruitment

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent employs up to 2200 individuals, including permanent full-time, part-time, contract, volunteer fire and students. The Municipality plays an active role in attracting skilled people to our force, offering a wide range of employment opportunities.

Employment of Relatives

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has a policy in place relating to the employment of relatives. It is ultimately the responsibility of each employee to ensure they are complying with the conditions of this policy.

Newspaper Job AdExternal Employment Opportunities

We advertise all external employment opportunities on our web site under Community Services/JOBS.

Employee Demographics

The average employee's age is 43.42 years old.