Planning Services

house on top of plansThe Chatham-Kent Planning Services Team is a group of individuals that plan, assess and monitor land uses and the land use needs of the community over the course of time while considering the social, economic and environmental factors that influence and are influenced by land use decisions.

This is undertaken using a variety of methods and skills and in constant affiliation with individuals and groups inside and outside of the community.

Areas of influence include:

  • Population growth and settlement patterns
  • Use of natural resources such as agricultural land, aggregates, etc.
  • Protection of the natural environment
  • Transportation and infrastructure needs
  • Heritage conservation

Individuals and business today realize the importance of planning.  We are all familiar with the commonly used expression "failing to plan, is planning to fail".

Good community planning leads to orderly growth, the efficient provision of services, strong economy and an improved quality of life.

For more information on planning applications, the Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-law, as well as current projects, please visit the Planning Services page.