Picture of a hammer on drawing plansOur Services

Our building philosophy extends to private and publicly owned buildings within our community. By enforcing the Ontario Building Code, local Zoning By-laws and other applicable regulations, we assist homeowners, builders and designers to ensure that the structures erected are compliant. A Building Permit is required for new construction, demolition, additions or renovations. 

By-law Enforcement

If you have a By-law Enforcement complaint and would like to report it, your name will be kept confidential. Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers address most complaints; however, issues related to health and safety are given to a higher priority. In most cases, if there is a valid by-law violation, the property owner is given a reasonable time period to bring the matter into compliance.  If no action is taken by the homeowners, the Municipality has the right to take action (property clean-ups) and/or take legal action.