Our Department

fire trucks

The department operates 19 fire stations. There are two (2) full time stations, one (1) composite (volunteer and full time) station and 16 volunteer stations. There is a front-line staff component of approximately 400.

After Amalgamation

Amalgamated in 1998, the Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services Department brought together firefighters from twenty-three communities, working together to provide a seamless delivery of high quality service to the public. Each station is involved in supporting their community and the firefighters from each station make contributions of time and effort at emergencies, local events, and public education venues throughout the year.

Fire Department divisions:

  • Administration
  • Fire Suppression - Career
  • Fire Suppression -  Volunteer
  • Fire Prevention
  • Public Education
  • Training


Responsible for the management of the Fire Department which includes operating budgets, fleet, equipment, personnel, and wages.  Personnel in this division are:

  • Fire Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Assistant Chief, EMS
  • Executive Assistant
  • Two Administrative Assistants

Fire Suppression – Career

This division is comprised of  four platoons located between Station #1 (Chatham), Station #2 (Chatham), and Station #3 (Wallaceburg).  Each platoon consists of one Senior Captain based at Station #1, one Captain at Station #2 and one at Station #3, and firefighters.  There is a total of 65 personnel in this division.

Fire Suppression - Volunteer

This division is comprised of 16 stations, plus a volunteer component located in Wallaceburg Station #3. There are approximately 350 volunteer firefighters across Chatham-Kent. 
Each station consists of one Station Chief, one Deputy Station Chief, Captains and firefighters. The Station Chief is responsible for maintaining the day to day operation of the station along with the Deputy Station Chief. The Deputy Station Chief oversees the training component of the station.

Fire Prevention

This division is responsible for the delivery of fire prevention and is comprised of one Fire Prevention Officer and three Fire Inspectors.  Mandatory components of this division are:

  1. Smoke Alarm Program
  2. Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  3. Fire Prevention inspections upon complaint or request

Public Education

This division is involved in providing awareness and teaching  life saving and injury prevention in schools, community groups, local businesses, long term care facilities, senior residences and the Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village.  Some of the programs offered include:

  • Station Tours
  • School Visits
  • Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village – Fire Safety Program
  • TAPP-C
  • Older and Wiser / Remembering When
  • Smoke Alarm Program - CHiRP (Chatham-Kent Homes: Informed, Ready and Protected)
  • My Part: Fire and Emergency Safety Planning for citizens who live in apartment buildings
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Newcomers Program & Publication in five languages

The Public Educator coordinates these programs throughout the Municipality and provides assistance to all 19 stations consisting of both career and volunteer firefighters.


This division is responsible for ensuring that all personnel are competent in their abilities to meet the needs of Chatham-Kent residents. This is accomplished through continuous upgrading and development. Training is delivered through various mediums such as Ontario Fire College instruction, in-house training and technical specialists.

The Training Officer coordinates the development of training and professional development for all 19 stations consisting of both career and volunteer firefighters.