water splashSince that time we have been successful in creating a utility system serving 110,000 people. This includes a major construction program of water main connections between townships.

The joining of the former utilities creates an opportunity for us to review and address all cost savings. Our design takes into account the competitive environment in which we operate. Savings have been found due to the combined water and wastewater operations, the joining of the hydro and water/wastewater billing and collecting systems, as well as the partnership for bill and payment processing.

We currently operate the following:


  • 6 water treatment plants / distribution systems
  • 2 stand alone water distribution systems
  • approximately 1,710 km of water mains, 3,321 hydrants and 39,636  customer connections


  • 8 wastewater treatment plants / collection systems
  • 2 Lagoon system
  • approximately 533 km of sanitary sewers lines, 50 km of combined sanitary and storm sewer lines,  23,381 km of private drain connections and 29,493 customer connections to sanitary sewers

We are a member of the Tri-County Primary Water System. We supply water to Lakeshore and have water service interconnections with the Lambton area water system and the Municipality of Leamington.

The CK PUC has developed a strategic plan to address Asset Management that focuses on both the fixed assets and the human resource assets.

We are fully funded through rates and water/sewer charges. We have one of the lowest rates in Southwestern Ontario. We have detailed succession planning, staff training and certification programs.

For further information on Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission services, click on the link to Water and Wastewater Services.