A state of emergency declared earlier today is still in effect and officials are still recommending those in affected areas voluntary evacuate their homes.

The John D. Bradley Center is open as a shelter for anyone who chooses to leave their home. Residents who need transportation to the shelter can call 519-360-1998 for details at any time overnight. Those leaving their homes should bring a 72-hour supply of medication and personal items with them since the water may remain high for several days.

The Thames crested in London Thursday morning and flood plains and low lying areas throughout Chatham-Kent are under water as the peak moves west. The river is expected to continue to rise throughout Chatham-Kent, reaching a peak in Chatham by mid-day Saturday.

Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services Chief Bob Crawford said the slippery banks and fast flowing water poses a significant safety risk and urged people to stay a safe distance from the waterway.

“The current is very powerful and your odds of surviving if you fall in are slim,” he said. “It’s not worth the risk.”

Mayor Randy Hope said the municipality has activated its emergency procedures and officials are working closely with police, fire and EMS sectors as well as the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority.




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