Visitors to the website will view our community’s new vision statement, "Chatham-Kent is a welcoming, healthy, prosperous community that is culturally rich and naturally innovative.”

The site elaborates on what each of the key words within the vision statement signify using words and images of the community.

The most meaningful part of the site, according to Chatham-Kent Chief Administrative Officer Don Shropshire, is the section where visitors are encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and images of the community.

“We have so much to be proud of Chatham-Kent but we can be reluctant to express it,” Shropshire said. “Canadians aren’t known to boast, but promoting our community is something we shouldn’t shy away from.”

Shropshire said initiatives such as and Positivity Day help change perceptions about the community.

“On many occasions we’ve had visitors to Chatham-Kent who tell us how much they enjoy the area, from the beaches to our agriculture to our homes and downtown areas,” he said. “Since we live here, we tend to forget that we are very fortunate to live in a community with such beauty and character.”

Those who want to share their thoughts or images about the community can do so through #myckvision on Instagram or fill out a form with their name and email address.

The site is part of CK Plan2035 which lists the community’s "Areas of Strategic Focus" which are Economic Prosperity, a Healthy and Safe Community, People and Culture and Environmental Sustainability.

The CK Plan 2035 was developed through consultation with dozens of community groups and hundreds of people prior to its adoption by Chatham-Kent Council in January of this year.