The Chatham-Kent Community Leaders' Cabinet (CKCLC) reflects the view that a community’s quality of life depends on strong leadership in the government, business, and social/voluntary sectors of that community.  No person or group working alone can accomplish large-scale social change; it takes the entire community. Leaders' are continuing to commit to work together to identify how they can help make change happen, support great work that is already occurring and leverage assets for progress.

The CKCLC vision is, " A better quality of life for everyone in Chatham-Kent". 

The CKCLC mission is, "Working together, across sectors, to build a community where quality of life is planned, developed, and championed". 

The CKCLC strategic focus areas that are looked at are as follows, as these impact quality of life. 

  • Education/Learning
  • Economy
  • Healthy Living

In the spirit of working together, the CKCLC has established a number of partnerships with community groups. The following partners have formally agreed to further collaborate and integrate in areas of mutual interest while respecting the identities and individual activities of each other.

  • Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board 
  • Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable 
  • Chatham-Kent Child and Youth Planning Network (Best Start)
  • First Strategy
  • CK Local Immigration Partnership
  • Erie St. Clair Regional Data Consortium & Community Data Partnership
  • Age Friendly Chatham-Kent
  • …and many more

Background on the CK Community Leaders' Cabinet

When the CKCLC was launched Chatham-Kent Council, Mayor Randy Hope stated, “This resolution is our agreement that a healthier community requires strong leadership and community engagement. Together, the community leaders gathered here today can help to shape a Chatham-Kent where the next generation can have healthy active lives and a great quality of life.”Town Crier George Sims reads the Resolution

Health statistics indicate that the leading cause of premature death in Chatham-Kent is heart disease. Sixty percent of adults are overweight, and Chatham-Kent has the lowest consumption of fruits and vegetables in Ontario. Fifteen out of every 100 children live in poverty. This generation of young people may be the first to actually have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

A health care system – even the best health care system in the world – will be only one of the ingredients that determine whether your life will be long or short, healthy or sick, full of fulfillment, or empty with despair. – The Honourable Roy Romanow, 2004

“We can choose,” said Dr. April Rietdyk, Director of Public Health. “The people of Chatham-Kent have demonstrated that we can come together to overcome major challenges. Our challenge is to build a community where quality of life is planned, developed and championed.”

A community's quality of life depends on strong leadership in government, business and the social and voluntary sectors, adds Mayor Hope. No person or group working alone can accomplish large scale social change. It takes the entire community.