Our goal for the next four years is to take an amazing community and make it even better. When I say "our goal," I sincerely mean that.Picture of Mayor Canniff wearing the Chain of Office

I have been energized by the number of citizens right across Chatham-Kent who are committed to helping in their own way to make our community a better place to live.

Each one of us has a role to play.

Each one of us has talents we can bring to help achieve those goals.

Success means different things to different people but within that broad framework lies similarities upon which we can all agree.

We all want a community in which we can feel safe, in which we can raise our families and enjoy the freedom to pursue economic opportunities as we wish.

We are committed to building a community in which everyone has a part, in which everyone can feel at home.

We stand on the accomplishments of the generations that preceded us. We have been given great gifts – fertile soil and abundant waterways – and through hard work, talent and effort, we have created a community we can be proud to call home.

We owe them a debt and one way to repay that debt is to take what they have achieved and continue to move forward.

No individual, no matter how talented or committed, can achieve that goal.

Collectively, however, we have the power to do anything we want – we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

I commit to each of you that you have the full support of myself, council and municipal staff to listen to your needs and work with you to achieve our common objectives.

Darrin Canniff, Mayor/CEO
Municipality of Chatham-Kent