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In March, Council supported a budget direction of inflation on the operating budget and an additional 1% for infrastructure to meet our Asset Management Plan.

On January 18th administration tabled a draft 2017 budget of 1.96% on operations including the 1% for infrastructure, well under the Council direction target, primarily due to an increase in Provincial funding. There were no significant service reductions to community assets or programs included in the recommendations. Several Council decisions throughout the year and carryovers from previous budgets also were dealt with in this budget.

The following table gives a high level overview of where the process started and what Council approved:

    Tax Impact
  Tabled Approved
Municipal Operations:  
  Municipal departments 0.21% (0.15%)
  Council Decisions and LTVCA 1.31% 1.31%
  Police Services 0.40% 0.38%
  1.92% 1.54%
Infrastructure Renewal:  
  Provincial Asset Management Plan requirement 0.04% 0.42%
    1.96% 1.96%
Average household impact $54 $54

The approved budget includes $2,766,500 of new funding for Capital and Infrastructure Renewal plus inflation on existing budgets representing a significant increase to infrastructure funding.

In addition to the 1.96% tax increase, Council invested approximately $7.7M in one-time reserve allocations during the 2017 budget deliberations including $3.5M to assist bridge infrastructure.