Calculator and pen

On January 20th administration had tabled a draft 2015 budget with recommendations that gave Council a starting position of 2.2% which included no material changes in services, provisions for strategic investments and an adequate phase-in of new funds to address our infrastructure deficit.

The following table gives a high level overview of where the process started and what Council approved:
                                                                                Tax Impact
Municipal Operations:                                           Tabled             Approved
  Municipal departments                                        2.00%              -0.18%
  Police Services                                                  0.32%               0.32%
                                                                          2.32%               0.14%
Infrastructure Renewal:                                        -0.12%              -0.14%
                                                                          2.20%               0.00%
Even with a 0% tax impact, our infrastructure budget will see an increase of $1.8M by way of a $1.4M Provincial grant and $0.4M of reallocated funds.

Also included in the 2015 budget is a motion to reduce the organizational management structure and consulting by $300,000 through attrition.  Further details will be provided on this as they become available.