Council at its meeting on November 3, 2014  approved the  following recommendation in the report on Committees of Council Review:

The Economic Development Advisory Committee be re-designated as a Committee of Administration.

As part of the review process, each Advisory Committee of Council was reviewed to determine if they need to report to Council directly, or if it would be more appropriate for them to act as a Committee of Administration.  The Director of Economic Development Services and the Chief Administrative Officer agree that the Economic Development Advisory Committee should be re-designated as a Committee of Administration rather than remain as a Committee of Council.

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Current Members:

Business Sector


Advanced Manufacturing

Rick Borst


Jim Campbell


Larry Kennan


Ron Veitch


John Lawrence


Scott Kilbride

Food Processing

Greg Devries

ICI Realtor

Carol Emery


Patrick Weaver


Brandon Houston

Labour Council

Ryan Griffioen

Member at Large

Daryl Dawson

Member at Large

Russell Kopke

Member at Large

Jim Lundy

Small Business

Barbara Chapple

Tourism / Hospitality


Council Representatives

Karen Herman, Darrin Canniff