The Committee of Adjustment is responsible to hear applications for

  • Minor Variances where a requirement of a Zoning By-law cannot be met (under Section 4.5 of the Planning Act)
  • to hear Applications for Consent to Sever a property, or for a lease that extends over 21 years
  • to consider applications regarding the enlargement of a structure that is legally non-conforming
  • or for a change in a non-conforming use.

Committee of Adjustment

Current Appointees
Ward 1 Nathaniel Suitor
Ward 2 Curtis Carter
Ward 3 Ken Stevenson
Ward 4 Richard Dunlop
Ward 5 Trevor Aldous
Ward 6 Jim Kovacs

*** The committees posted in this section contain only those members appointed by Council, it is therefore possible that a committee may have other general members who are not mentioned.