The role of the Board of Health is to:

  • Appoint a full-time medical officer of health;
  • Hire staff to carry out the functions of the board as outlined within the HPPA;
  • Provide the municipality with a yearly budget notice;
  • Have a strong commitment to and understanding  of public health programs;
  • Attend board meetings, actively participate, and serve as officers;
  • Serve in a volunteer capacity without regard for remuneration or profit;
  • Identify and declare any conflicts of interest;
  • Represent the health unit in the community; and
  • Recognize that decisions made for the Board of Health are separate and apart from Municipal Council decisions.

The Board of Health is a separate entity working towards the health of the community.

Chatham-Kent Board of Health

Current Appointees
Representatives of Council (4) Joe Faas, Carmen McGregor, Brock McGregor, Karen Kirkwood-Whyte 
Citizen Appointees (2)
Mike Genge, Magdiel Hoste
Indigenous Representative (1)
Joshua Caron
Provincial Appointee Noreen Blake